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Airbnb Host Checklist For the Guest Experience


If you want to provide the best possible experience for your guests, make sure you are managing your property with a high-quality Airbnb co-host checklist. Not only will a comprehensive checklist make managing your Serviced Accommodation a lot easier, but it will also help you identify key areas where you can improve your service.

 Always Remember that as an Airbnb host, you’re not just aiming to provide accommodation for guests. If you want to be as a superb host, then you’ve got to offer more than a place to stay, you need to offer a memorable experience to your guests. When your listing outperforms your guests’ expectations, they are more likely to leave a great review, become loyal repeat clients, and recommend your property to other Airbnb guests.

Now Let’s see how the Airbnb Co-Host Checklist is important to be a super-host in the Airbnb

Serviced Accommodation Checklist

To make creating your Airbnb checklist a breeze, organize it by indoor and outdoor areas. Then, dive deeper into each room, ensuring you have everything guests might need. Here’s a breakdown to get you started:


Kitchen: Stock it up with essentials like tea, coffee, basic condiments, dishes, utensils, cookware, and cleaning supplies.

Bedroom: Create a sleep sanctuary with a comfy bed, fresh linens, pillows, nightstands with lamps, storage for clothes, and extra blankets.

Bathroom: Provide ample towels, toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.), toilet paper, and laundry essentials (washing machine, detergent, drying rack).

Living Room: Furnish it with a sofa, coffee table, and TV (ideally smart), and consider adding a desk, board games, or reading materials for entertainment.

Dining Room (if applicable): Equip it with a table, chairs, and some table decor for a welcoming touch.

Outdoors (if applicable)

Garden: Include comfy furniture, an outdoor table, and maybe even a sun umbrella for relaxation.

Pool & Hot Tub (if applicable): Provide pool/hot tub towels, inflatables, and a cover to maintain cleanliness.

Types of Guest Checklist

When you have your Airbnb property fully prepped and ready to welcome visitors, you can elevate guests’ experiences by making their stay more personal and special.


Transform your space into a haven for families with children’s toys, coloring supplies, books, an extra bed or crib, and childproofing measures.

Business Travelers

Equip your space for productivity with strong Wi-Fi, a dedicated work desk with a comfortable chair, a printer, a charging station with spare phone chargers, and a convenient self-check-in option.

Couples or honeymooners

Spoil lovebirds with a complimentary bottle of bubbly, a decadent chocolate selection, candles to set the mood, and luxurious bath salts for a relaxing soak.

Airbnb Hosts’ Safety Checklist

All hosts should have a detailed Airbnb host checklist dedicated to the safety and security of guests

  • A well-stocked first-aid kit
  • A natural disaster preparedness kit
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with clear instructions
  • Emergency contact information displayed prominently (consider including this on a laminated safety card)

Guest Welcome Checklist

Your welcome is the first real impression guests will have of you as a host, so take time to create an Airbnb host checklist to welcome guests. Some important things to include in your welcome checklist.

Welcome Book

Include essential house rules, Wi-Fi information, appliance instructions, and local recommendations.

Welcome Letter

Add a personal touch by introducing yourself and expressing your hope for a fantastic stay.

Welcome Gift

A small token of appreciation, like local treats or a handwritten note, shows you care.

Safety Card

Display emergency contact information and safety instructions.

Maps & Brochures: Provide resources to help guests navigate the area and discover hidden gems.

Local Recommendations

Offer personalized suggestions for restaurants, attractions, and activities based on guests’ interests.

Serviced Accommodation Cleaning Checklist

Keep your Serviced Accommodation property pristine with a thorough Airbnb host checklist for your cleaning service to follow.

  • Sweeping and mopping all floors
  • Dusting shelves and desktops
  • Vacuuming rugs and carpets
  • Wiping down counters and all surfaces
  • Stripping and washing all linen
  • Washing towels and kitchen cloths
  • Scrubbing and cleaning the shower, bathtub, basin, and toilet
  • Taking out bags of trash and replacing bin bags
  • Taking inventory of kitchen and bathroom supplies

Managing an Airbnb property becomes a lot easier when you utilize an Airbnb host checklist in your business strategy. Another way to simplify your hosting experience is to use vacation rental software to automate various tasks, draft financial reports, and manage multiple property listings easily. Automating daily tasks like guest messaging and cleaning management will not only improve your guests’ experience staying at your property, it will also help to generate more profit for your business in the future.

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