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How To Attract Long-Term Bookings For Serviced Accommodation

Are you a UK-serviced accommodation owner frustrated with the constant churn of short-term bookings?  Do you yearn for a more predictable income stream and reliable tenants in your meticulously designed spaces?

Fear not!  This blog post will equip you with powerful strategies to attract long-term guests, transforming your serviced accommodation from a revolving door to a haven of stability.

Understanding the Long-Term Guest Landscape in the UK:

The first step to success is identifying your ideal long-term guest. Here’s a breakdown of some key groups dominating the UK serviced accommodation long-stay market:

Contractors on the Move

The UK construction industry is booming, and with it comes a surge in demand for long-term accommodation for contractors. This segment represents a lucrative opportunity if your serviced accommodation is near a construction site or industrial area.

Corporate visitors

 Many UK companies relocate staff for training, project work, or secondments. These corporate travelers often require comfortable, convenient accommodation solutions for extended periods. Consider proximity to business hubs and office districts when targeting this group.


Relocating families or those on extended vacations in the UK seek a “home away from home” feel. Catering to families with amenities like cribs, high chairs, and dedicated play areas can set your property apart.

Optimize Your Serviced Accommodation for Long-Term Stays:

Once you’ve identified your target long-term guest, it’s time to fine-tune your serviced accommodation to cater to their specific needs:


Remember, location is the crucial thing to Target your ideal guests by strategically choosing your property’s address. Construction zones for contractors, business districts for corporate travelers, and family-friendly neighborhoods for families should guide your decision.

Furnish for Function and Comfort

Go beyond the standard hotel room setup. For corporate travelers, a designated workspace with a comfortable desk chair and high-speed Wi-Fi is essential. Offering amenities like a washing machine and dryer caters to extended stays, while families appreciate cribs, high chairs, and child-proofing features.

Minimum Stays, Maximum Benefits

While short-term stays might seem appealing initially, adjust your minimum stay requirements to attract long-term guests. Setting a minimum stay of a few weeks or a month will deter transient travelers seeking weekend getaways while attracting renters committed to longer stays. This can significantly improve your occupancy rate and income predictability.

The Rise of Remote Workers

The UK’s burgeoning remote work trend presents a fantastic opportunity for attracting long-term guests.   By providing high-speed internet connectivity, a dedicated workspace with ergonomic seating and proper lighting, and comfortable areas for relaxation, your serviced accommodation can become the perfect hub for remote professionals.

Building Strong Relationships with Long-Term Guests

Beyond the physical space, fostering long-term guest satisfaction goes a long way. Here are some additional tips:

Offer Competitive Rates

Provide attractive discounts for extended stays, making your serviced accommodation a cost-effective option.

Prioritize Communication

Maintain open and clear communication with your guests, addressing their needs and concerns promptly.

Become a Local Resource

Provide curated guides and recommendations for restaurants, local attractions, and amenities, making their long-term stay enriching.

By implementing these strategies, you can transform your UK-serviced accommodation into a magnet for long-term guests. Not only will you enjoy a more predictable income stream, but you’ll also establish relationships with reliable tenants who appreciate the comfort and convenience you provide.

So, embrace the world of long-term stays and witness your serviced accommodation blossom into a thriving business!

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively increase Long-Term Bookings For Serviced Accommodation fostering positive relationships with existing customers on Airbnb and Remember, consistency, quality, and a focus on the unique value you offer are key to attracting UK travelers and maximizing your rental income

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