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How to grow Short-term Rentals in the UK


Running an short-term rental business in the UK cities like London, Birmingham, and Chelsea can be incredibly rewarding. You get to share your passions and create unforgettable moments for guests. But as your Experience grows, it can become challenging to manage everything on your own.

What is an Airbnb Co-Host?

Simply put, a cohost is a person who helps landlords manage the business of apartments for rent. Property owners pay you to manage their renting business in and out: from listing and booking to customer service and financial management. The roles of the co-host are : 

  • Guest Communication: Responding to inquiries, managing bookings, and keeping guests informed before, during, and after the Experience.
  • Logistics and Operations: Assisting with setup, cleaning, and restocking supplies for your Experience.
  • Guest Interaction: Co-hosting the Experience alongside you, ensuring a smooth flow and providing excellent hospitality.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Helping you brainstorm creative ways to attract more guests to your Experience.

What are the Benefits of Having a Co-Host?

1. Save Time: With a co-host, hosts can delegate tasks such as guest communication, cleaning, and maintenance, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their lives or business.

2. Improve Efficiency: Co-hosts are experts in managing Airbnb listings, which means they can handle tasks more efficiently and effectively than hosts who are new to the platform.

3. Increase Income: Co-hosts can help hosts optimize their pricing strategies and marketing efforts to attract more guests and maximize profit.

4. Provide Peace of Mind: Co-hosts can handle unexpected situations such as guest emergencies or property damage, giving hosts peace of mind.

How to get Airbnb Co-host

Co-hosting is where you manage all day-to-day operations of a homeowner’s Airbnb for a percentage of the revenue each month. 

Here are 5 strategies to land Co-Hosting clients:

1) Friends, Family, Co-Workers (Your inner circle)

– It all starts with a discussion!

– Maybe one of your friends/family members is looking to buy a house but doesn’t have the TIME to manage it!

– Maybe one of your friends/family members has a long-term rental that you can help convert to a short-term rental

– Maybe one of your friends/family members has a STR and they are self-managing OR they have a bad Co-Host now!

2) Long Term Rental Landlords

– Call Long Term Rental Listings and ask if they’d consider turning their long-term rental into a short-term rental

– It’ll be less work for them (because you’ll do everything)

– They’ll make more money from the short-term rental

– Win-Win!

3) Social Media

– Make content around short-term rentals!

– Educate people

4) Local Meetup Groups


– Airbnb Host Community Group

5) Referrals

– The best source of them all!

– You can get referrals with ZERO experience – All about the person getting to like, know, and trust you

how do airbnb co-hosts get paid?

A specific agreement between the host and co-hosting an Airbnb. Typically, co-hosts receive a portion of each booking. For instance, a co-host may impose a management fee of 10% to 25% on the host. Nonetheless, co-hosts who oversee cleaning schedules, check-ins and check-outs, all guest communications, and more typically receive this high rate. The duties you oversee and the terms of the host-guest agreement will determine your earnings as an Airbnb co-host.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the co-host?

Airbnb Co-Host hosts are constantly looking for ways to make their properties run more efficiently and with less time-consuming, manual work. Becoming a co-host for an Airbnb can help out the property owner. But, what does that mean for you as the co-host? The following are the main responsibilities co-hosts have when running an Airbnb. 

  1. Listing Management

Creating a listing on vacation rental websites, establishing house rules, and overseeing reservations are all part of managing a rental property. To handle reservations co-hosts first screen potential guests before accepting inquiries from interested parties to reserve the rental. 

Asking specific inquiries about the number of visitors staying at the property, whether they plan to bring pets, and ensuring that they are aware of your house rules are all part of the screening process. It’s crucial to put house rules in writing for the protection of both you and your visitor.

  1. Checking the Property

A co-host can also be responsible for creating a house manual that includes local ideas and tips. By providing guests suggestions for places to go in the area, your “locals insight” can help ensure better guest experiences. This will reflect positively in your rental reviews.

  1. Communicate With Guests

The ability to reply to questions promptly is another excellent trait in an Airbnb co-host. This demonstrates your concern for both the visitor and the likelihood that they will stay with you. It’s common for hosts to stay in touch with their guests before, during, and after their visit. 

Additionally, it will help if you reply to interested guests’ inquiries more quickly than other properties. If you respond quickly and provide them with good, useful information, they will make their reservation with you first. You can communicate with guests via phone or email. On the other hand, a private phone conversation might put prospective visitors at ease about staying at your house. 

  1. Provide Cleanliness

Ensure the property is thoroughly cleaned between stays. Invest in professional cleaning services if needed.

Airbnb co-hosts can provide valuable assistance to hosts in managing their listings. Co-hosts can help save time, increase efficiency, and provide peace of mind. Finding the right co-host requires careful consideration of factors such as experience, communication skills, availability, and fees. With the right co-host, hosts can maximize their profit and provide an exceptional experience for their guests.

When it comes to Airbnb’s success factors and maximizing your property’s earnings, trust Growyourbnb. We help you to run your Airbnb like an expert without needing to be one. Join us for our next free training event, where we’ll detail how we’ve helped hosts increase their earnings by up to 20-30 percent.

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