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How to find properties for serviced accommodation


Investing in serviced accommodation can be lucrative, offering opportunities for passive income and long-term growth. However, finding the right properties to convert into serviced accommodation requires careful consideration and research. This guide will explore tips and strategies to help you find properties for serviced accommodation and kickstart your journey as a serviced accommodation host.

  1. Research Local Markets:

Before diving into property hunting, conduct thorough research on local markets to identify areas with high demand for serviced accommodation. Consider factors such as:

  • Tourist attractions and business hubs
  • Population growth and demographics
  • Rental yields and occupancy rates
  1. Set Your Investment Criteria:

Define your investment criteria to narrow down your property search and focus on properties that align with your goals. Consider factors such as:

Budget and financing options

Property type (apartments, houses, or commercial properties)

Location preferences and target market

  1. Utilize Online Resources:

Take advantage of online resources to search for properties and gather information. Explore

  • Real estate websites and portals
  • Property listing platforms like Airbnb and
  • Social media groups and forums for property investors
  1. Network with Real Estate Agents:

Build relationships with local real estate agents specializing in investment properties or serviced accommodation. They can:

  • Provide valuable insights into the local market
  • Alert you to off-market opportunities
  • Assist with property viewings and negotiations
  1. Attend Property Auctions and Events:

Keep an eye out for property auctions and investment events in your area. These can be great opportunities to:

  • Find distressed properties or motivated sellers
  • Network with fellow investors and industry professionals
  • Gain insights into market trends and opportunities
  1. Consider Leasehold or Commercial Properties:

Explore alternative options such as leasehold or commercial properties, which may offer:

  • Lower purchase prices or rental yields
  • Potential for longer-term leases and higher returns
  • Opportunities to convert existing properties into serviced accommodation
  1. Evaluate Potential Properties:

Once you’ve identified potential properties, conduct thorough due diligence to assess their suitability:

  • Consider location, condition, and amenities
  • Estimate renovation or refurbishment costs
  • Analyze potential rental income and profitability
  1. Negotiate and Secure the Property:

When negotiating with sellers or landlords, consider factors such as:

  • The purchase price or rental terms
  • Closing timelines and contingencies
  • Potential for value-add opportunities or seller financing

Finding properties for serviced accommodation requires a strategic approach and careful consideration of various factors. By researching local markets, setting clear investment criteria, utilizing online resources, networking with real estate agents, attending property events, considering alternative property types, evaluating potential properties, and negotiating effectively, you can identify promising opportunities and build a successful portfolio of serviced accommodation properties.

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