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The Rise of Serviced Accommodation in the UK

The UK hospitality scene is witnessing a shift. While traditional hotels remain a mainstay, a new contender is rapidly gaining ground: serviced accommodation.  This blog explores the reasons behind the rise of serviced accommodation in the UK and what it means for travelers and investors alike. We’ll also introduce GrowYourBnB, your one-stop shop for optimizing bookings and managing your serviced accommodation calendar.

What is Serviced Accommodation?

Imagine a furnished apartment with the convenience of hotel services like housekeeping and reception. That’s the essence of serviced accommodation. It bridges the gap between a traditional hotel stay and a long-term apartment rental.

Why the Rise? Factors Fueling the Serviced Accommodation Boom

Several factors are propelling the popularity of serviced accommodation in the UK:

The Need for Flexibility

Modern travelers, especially business professionals on extended stays, crave more flexibility than a standard hotel room offers. Serviced accommodation provides a more “home away from home” experience with separate living and sleeping areas, perfect for longer stays.


For longer stays, serviced accommodation can be more economical than a hotel. Guests can cook meals in the apartment’s kitchen, potentially saving on dining expenses.

The Rise of the “Bleisure” Traveller

The line between business and leisure travel is blurring. Serviced accommodation caters to this trend by offering a comfortable and functional space that can accommodate both work and relaxation.

Urbanisation and Tourism Growth

Major UK cities like London, Manchester, and Edinburgh are experiencing a surge in population and tourism. Serviced accommodation provides a readily available option for temporary housing needs.

The Benefits for Travellers

Space and Comfort: Serviced apartments offer more space than hotel rooms, allowing for a more comfortable and homely stay.

Flexibility: Guests enjoy the freedom of a self-catering apartment with the convenience of hotel-like amenities.

Cost-Effectiveness: For longer stays, serviced accommodation can be a more budget-friendly option compared to hotels.

Privacy and Independence: The apartment-style setting provides guests with a greater sense of privacy and independence.

The Investor’s Perspective

The serviced accommodation market also presents attractive opportunities for investors:

Steady Income Stream

With high occupancy rates, serviced accommodation offers the potential for consistent rental income.

Diversification: It allows investors to diversify their property portfolio beyond traditional buy-to-let options.

Long-Term Growth Potential

The serviced accommodation sector is projected to experience continued growth in the UK.

The rise of serviced accommodation reflects a shift in travel preferences.  People are seeking a more flexible and home-like experience, blurring the lines between hotels and traditional rentals.  This trend is likely to continue, making serviced accommodation a key player in the future of UK hospitality.

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