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How to Start a Serviced Accommodation Business in 2024?


Can you start the Serviced Accommodation in the UK? This is a basic guide to starting a Short Term Rental Letting Agency. To start the serviced accommodation or short-term rental business,  you should know the actual meaning of Serviced accommodation.

What is Serviced Accommodation?

Serviced Accommodation is fully furnished apartments that are suitable for short-term and long-term stays. In Serviced Apartments, guests can access various accommodation amenities that feel like their home.

Serviced Apartments provide amenities like laundry and cleaning and some places in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada include gym, and concierge services too. 

If you want to learn more about the Serviced Accommodation.

Click here to watch a video about Serviced Accommodation.

Link for the video:Start Your Own Serviced Accommodation Business In 2024!!! ARE YOU READY??

What are the things that make the Serviced Accommodation different from the hotel?

Various things make Serviced Accommodation different from Hotels. 

  • Pricing: Service Apartments are quite less expensive than Hotels. Usually, hotels are too expensive when you are staying a long time. 
  • Amenities: Serviced Accommodation has more amenities than Hotels. Such as Fully furnished Rooms and KItchens, Housekeeping Services and 
  • Spaces: Serviced Apartments have more space than hotels, which allows guests to live and work with many friends and families. 
  • Privateness: Serviced Apartments are more private than hotels. Nowadays, Most People around the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada prefer to stay in Serviced Apartments because of privacy.
  • Long-Term Stay: Usually hotels are used to stay for a short time whereas Serviced Accommodation is used for long-term staying. Short-Term Rental is the best choice for people to stay in London, Manchester, Liverpool, NewYork, Sydney, Toronto and globally.

Who Prefers to Stay in Serviced Apartments?

Short-term rental is popular among popular tourist destinations in the UK and globally. Short Term is more flexible than Hotel and other serviced Accommodation. Some of the types of Guests who prefer to stay in Serviced Apartments. 

International Relocations 

In UK, Canada, the USA, and Australia have a high number of International Students. When they join universities and colleges in new countries and cities most of the Students prefer to stay on Short-Term Rental. 


Most of the Tourists prefer to stay in Serviced Accommodation rather than Hotel. Most of the Serviced Apartments give the feel of a home away from home. They might prefer to stay in a Short-Term Rental as it is more flexible and has more space than a Hotel.

Business Person 

Most of the Businessmen prefer to stay in Serviced Accommodation. Short-Term Rental in the UK provides more amenities and dedicated workplaces which make it easier to work. 

The fact we have worked in just over 50+ locations all over the UK for Serviced Accommodation business owners, we are excited to share with you this process and suggestions above. 

If you are looking to stay in Serviced Accommodation in the UK. Book a call to Our Expert Team to know more about Serviced Apartments.

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