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Benefits of staying in serviced apartments in the UK


Looking for apartments in the UK that offer more than just a hotel room?  Consider serviced apartments!  They’re a fantastic option for both short-term stays and extended visits, providing a comfortable and convenient “home away from home” experience.  Here’s why serviced apartments might be the perfect fit for your next trip to the UK. here are some of the reasons that you are going to love to stay at serviced accommodations.

Space and Comfort

Unlike cramped hotel rooms, serviced apartments offer spacious living areas with separate bedrooms, living rooms, and often, dedicated workspaces. This extra space allows you to relax, spread out, and feel more at home, especially on longer stays.  Many serviced apartments also boast fully-equipped kitchens, so you can whip up your favorite meals and save money compared to constantly dining out.


Serviced apartments provide the freedom and flexibility you might crave. Unlike traditional rentals, you won’t be burdened with lengthy contracts or utility bills.  Come and go as you please, cook meals at your own pace, and enjoy the privacy of your own space.  This is ideal for business travelers who need a comfortable and productive environment or families who want a more relaxed and familiar atmosphere.


While the nightly rate for a serviced apartment might seem higher than a standard hotel room at first glance, consider the long-term savings.  With access to a kitchen, you can avoid expensive restaurant meals and enjoy the freedom to cook for yourself.  Additionally, some serviced apartments may even offer laundry facilities, further reducing your reliance on external services.

Amenities and Services

Many serviced apartments come with hotel-like amenities such as housekeeping, on-site maintenance, and even concierge services. This means you can enjoy a clean and well-maintained space without having to worry about chores.  Some upscale apartments may even offer additional perks like fitness centers, business centers, or even airport transfers.

Privacy and Security

Serviced apartments offer a higher degree of privacy compared to hotel rooms. You have your own private entrance and living space, allowing you to unwind and relax without feeling like you’re constantly surrounded by other guests.  Security is also a plus, with many serviced apartments featuring controlled access and on-site security measures.

Home away from home 

Serviced apartments feel like a home away from home. They’re equipped with all the comforts you’d find at home – a kitchen, internet and in-room entertainment. As a bonus, they often offer impressive amenities, fitness facilities, and regular housekeeping. Being able to cook your meals and relax on a comfortable sofa makes all the difference when traveling for work and staying away from home.

Staying short-term or for an extended period? Serviced apartments can cater to unique traveler profiles by offering an innovative alternative to traditional hotels and rental properties. As travelers increasingly seek accommodations that blend convenience, comfort, and flexibility, serviced apartments are here to stay.

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