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Reasons for Choosing Serviced Accommodation in the UK


It’s good to consider all of your alternatives while looking for a place to stay, whether you need it for business or pleasure. Your vacation or travel experience may be made or broken by your lodging. How do serviced accommodations help counteract this stress that you don’t need when you’re on vacation? Why do travelers choose furnished apartments to hotels? Here are the main justifications for booking a serviced apartment for your upcoming vacation.

1. Safe and secure

Having your own space reduces the likelihood of you interacting and sharing germs with others, which is one of the nice things about renting a serviced apartment. We can stop the spread together. What better way to feel at home when you’re away from it all than having access to your bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms?

2. More space

Did you realize that a typical hotel room is not nearly as spacious as a serviced apartment? Having a serviced apartment allows you to have enough room for work, cooking, lounging, and sleeping. The luxurious suites at Lace Market Apartments have brand-new furnishings, including TVs, spacious lounge areas, fully functional kitchens, and ensuite bedrooms. Ideal for single travel or even family travel. Business travelers can anticipate having a safe, roomy base where they can live and work when they stay in a serviced apartment.

3. Central locations

When you stay in a serviced apartment, you don’t need to make long trips. Grocery stores and public areas are easily accessible by foot from a majority, if not all, of serviced flats. You frequently might need to drive a few minutes to locate this in hotels! Remaining near the city would help you save petrol.

4. Personalised experience

You can plan how you want to spend your time when you stay in a serviced apartment, and it’s also quite affordable! In contrast to your own serviced apartment, where you can cook in your kitchen and save money, hotels may charge additional costs for the food they serve. Bring supplies from home, or stop by the closest store to conduct your grocery shopping. You have the option!

5. Home away from Home

When you wish to feel at home, the spacious area and easy access to your facilities are ideal. You benefit from being away from home in every aspect, plus you get your own space and solitude! Your flats are furnished with cozy, comfortable furniture that adds to the cozy vibe.

6. Cleaning services

You won’t have constant housekeeping visits, which could interfere with your stay, unlike in a hotel. For you to be able to employ these housekeeping services, some hotels even demand a minimum length of stay! When you live in a serviced apartment, you can tell the staff when you’d need it cleaned, and they’ll come to change your towels and linens. In this manner, you can enjoy the convenience of living in a “home away from home” along with the hassle-free benefit of first-rate cleaning services.

For long-stay guests staying at Lace Market Apartments, will be provided free mid-stay cleans. This includes vacuuming throughout your apartment, cleaning fresh towels, and your bed made with clean freshly pressed bed linen. 

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