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Do you know creating a perfect listing with a catchy Airbnb title, descriptions, and beautiful photos, and providing an excellent guest experience is critical for building a successful short-term rental business? But that’s not enough to boost your occupancy rates. You must apply an Airbnb marketing strategy to set your Airbnb business apart from your competitors and attract more guests to your short-term rental apartments.

In this blog, we will talk about effective marketing techniques that you can use to reach more customers and maximize your bookings. You may also want to check out Airbnb SEO tips to increase the visibility of your listing within Airbnb’s search results pages.

marketing techniques
marketing techniques
How to market your airbnb as a Brand Marketing techniques

An established brand makes remembering your vacation rental easier for your guests. They will find you faster on Airbnb when ready to book with you again. Use these tips to create successful Airbnb branding and marketing techniques for your short-term rental.

  • Give your rental a unique name or title that is easy to remember. Highlight your location and the unique features of your serviced apartments.
  • Use high-quality, professional photos of the exterior and interior of your property. Which tells a visual story of your serviced accommodations.
  • Complete your Airbnb profile. Create your bio as a host and include information about yourself and what you do besides airbnb.
  • Set a competitive price for your listing based on your specific accommodations, amenities, and general location.
  • Build a complete listing fill in all the available information and be honest.

It’s important things to maintain excellent communication with your guests via Airbnb messages and make sure that your response is be fast as possible. Attract guests by giving discounts, and welcome messages. Then, you’re sure to get 5-star reviews essential for building your brand’s reputation. These will help you to get 5-star reviews from guests which is very essential for building your brand’s and reputation.

Responding and being available at airbnb 24/7 can be challenging, but with GrowyourBNB you can easily handle these kinds of things. These things will help you to save a lot of time and you can focus on the other side of your Airbnb Business

Promote Your Airbnb Listing

The host can promote their airbnb listing to make their property visible to a wide range of visitors and drive more bookings. If you are new to Airbnb, you can get the first three bookings faster with Airbnb’s new listing promotion. Hosts are allowed in Airbnb to apply for a 20% discount on their very first three bookings. To be eligible, a listing must have instant booking enabled and smart pricing disabled. Every host can use custom Airbnb promotion if their listing has at least three bookings. A host can create a custom promotion if you go to your listing’s calendar, select Promotions, choose your dates, and set a discount of at least 10%.

Focus on Direct Bookings

If you are a Professional Airbnb Operator, Depending on Airbnb isn’t the best strategy for hosts. Airbnb charges a commission on each booking, Besides, you can communicate with your guests only via the Airbnb messaging system, limiting your opportunities to increase customer loyalty.

That’s why you should create a functional direct booking website and focus your marketing techniques on driving people to book directly with you and turn those guests into repeat customers. With the direct booking model, it can be more challenging to market your property to new prospects and convert them to bookings. 

It’s easy to create your own functional direct booking website using GrowyourBNB’s dedicated service. Your property will also get listed on Google Vacation Rentals, so people can find your rental when searching for accommodation on Google. Travelers who land on your Google Vacation Rental listing will be redirected to your Direct website, and you’ll get direct bookings without paying high third-party commissions.

How to Promote Airbnb Listing Outside Airbnb

To be profitable in the short-term rental market, you need a solid plan to reach the widest audience possible. Your Airbnb marketing techniques are the direction you take to bring your vacation rental business in front of travelers and turn them into your guests. It’s a plan of action for how to market your Airbnb, which can include online and offline marketing techniques.

Promote Your Listing on Social Media

Create a Facebook business page for your Airbnb properties to post content about your short-term rentals and share valuable tips for travelers. For example, you can provide recommendations on the top destinations in your area, landmarks to see, and things to do. Besides, you can use Facebook paid advertising to raise brand awareness and attract more followers to your page.

Instagram is a good platform to reach a younger audience millennials or Gen Z travelers. Try experimenting with different content formats available on the platform, such as posts, stories, Highlights, and Reels.

You may also create a YouTube channel for your brand and focus on making videos that feature your properties and top tourist attractions in your area.

List Your Rental on Multiple OTA Platforms

While focusing on direct bookings is essential, you should also take steps to maintain a solid online presence on vacation rental marketplaces. This way, you can get more leads for direct bookings. To maximize the visibility of your rental property, you should list it on other OTA Platforms, including and Vrbo. Just make sure to sync your calendars and availability to avoid double bookings. Although communicating with potential guests on different channels requires more time and effort, it’s worth it, especially if you use the right tools.

With Growyourbnb, which will help you to manage your listing on multiple platforms, Growyourbnb will help you to update prices, Marketing techniques of your Property, Guest Communications, calendars management, and Direct Bookings. With Growyourbnb and the expert team, you can achieve more bookings toward your property with 100% guest Satisfaction.

Build Partnerships

Local partnerships can provide a unique value for your short-term rental business and might help it stand out. Use partnerships with local restaurants and amusement parks to create special offers and discounts for your guests. Such collaboration is mutually profitable, and local businesses can also benefit from it. And your guests are sure to appreciate that booking with you can help them save money throughout their stay with local special offers.


Airbnb marketing techniques are an essential aspect of business growth, so it is important to get done with the right things. Remember that getting ahead of the competition requires a creative approach, and you should be ready to go the extra mile to provide real value to your audience. Many creative ways exist to reach your target guests on Airbnb and outside the platform. Hopefully, our tips on promoting Airbnb listing will help you increase bookings and make your vacation rental property profitable.

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