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How to Offer a Discount on Your Airbnb Listing


Offering a discount to friends and family on your Airbnb listing involves a few straightforward steps. Unlike other platforms, Airbnb doesn’t provide a discount code feature, so you must communicate directly with your guest. Here’s how you can do it:

Step-by-Step Guide

Obtain Your Listing URL

  • Log in to Airbnb on your computer.
  • Switch to hosting mode by clicking “Switch to hosting.”
  • Navigate to “Menu” and then “Listing.”
  • Select the listing you want to offer a discount on.
  • Click on the preview listing icon in the top right corner to generate the URL.
  • Copy this URL and share it with your friend or family member.

Guest Selects Dates

  • Your friend or family member should paste the URL into their browser’s address bar.
  • They can select the dates they want to book.

Contact the Host

  • Before clicking “Reserve,” they should scroll down and click “Contact host” to send you a message through Airbnb.

Send a Special Offer

  • Upon receiving the message, go to the Airbnb message thread.
  • Click on “Special offer” and enter the all-inclusive discounted price.
  • Send your guest a special offer, which will display a “Book Now” button with the discounted price.

Complete the Booking

  • Your friend or family member can then book the reservation at a discounted rate.

Why Book Through Airbnb?

Although Airbnb takes a commission, it provides important protections for hosts and guests. Booking through Airbnb ensures you have support in case of any issues with the reservation, offering peace of mind for both parties.

Offering discounts to friends and family on your Airbnb listing is a wonderful way to share your space while providing a special rate. By utilizing Airbnb’s messaging and special offer features, you ensure a secure and streamlined process for everyone involved. This method not only helps you maintain control over your pricing but also keeps your transactions within the trusted Airbnb platform. So go ahead, spread the love, and make your loved ones’ stay even more memorable with a special discount.

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