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100% Occupancy in Serviced Accommodation Business

Running a serviced accommodation business can be a great way to earn income. But how do you ensure your rentals are consistently booked? In this blog post, we’ll explore 5 secrets shared on GrowYourBnb , to help you achieve 100% occupancy in your serviced accommodation business.

  1. Identify Your Ideal Guest

The first step is to understand who your ideal guest is.  This isn’t just about demographics like age or income.  Consider their lifestyle, travel habits, and what would make them choose your property over others.  Write down a list of all the potential guests you can imagine staying at your property. This will help you tailor your marketing message and offerings to resonate with them.

  1. Understand How Your Guests Book

Once you know who your ideal guest is, research how they typically look to book accommodation. Are they weekend travelers who search for last-minute deals on Or are they corporate clients who book well in advance through relocation agencies?  Understanding their booking behavior allows you to target them on the channels they use most.

  1. Price for Profit, Not Just Occupancy

Don’t fall into the trap of just focusing on nightly rates. Instead,  determine the profit you want to make after accounting for all your expenses, including cleaning, utilities, and maintenance. This will help you set a price point that attracts long-term bookings and ensures consistent profitability for your business.

  1. Craft Targeted Ads That Convert

Gone are the days of generic ads.  With a clear understanding of your ideal guests and their booking behaviors, create targeted advertisements that speak directly to their needs and interests.  This will lead to higher click-through rates and more bookings.

  1. Invest in Long-Term Google Branding

While it may take time to see results, Google Ads can be a powerful tool to reach potential guests searching for serviced accommodation in your area.  By consistently running targeted ads, you’ll build brand awareness and establish your property as a top choice for travelers.  Remember, consistency is key!

By following these 5 secrets, you can take steps towards achieving 100% occupancy in your serviced accommodation business.  For more insights and detailed strategies,  consider checking out the full video by GrowYourBnb on YouTube

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