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Social Media Marketing For Serviced Accommodation in the UK


The UK’s vibrant short-term rental market offers fantastic opportunities for hosts. But with so many listings, how do you make yours stand out and build trust with potential guests? Social media is your secret weapon!

Why Social Media Matters

Imagine potential guests browsing countless listings. They want a place to relax, explore, and feel confident in their choice. Social media lets you showcase your property, the surrounding area, and most importantly, your commitment to a great guest experience. Here are four key platforms to harness the power of social media for your UK Airbnb:

1. Instagram

Stunning visuals are king

High-quality photos and videos capture the essence of your property the cosy living room, the delightful patio, the quirky details. Highlight the unique selling points that make your stay special.

Social proof is gold

Share positive guest reviews in creative formats like screenshots or text overlays on photos.

Location, location, location

Don’t just showcase your property; entice guests with the surrounding area. Picturesque cafes, iconic landmarks, or nearby parks all add value to their potential stay.

Canva: Your design buddy

Canva offers free and easy-to-use design tools. Create eye-catching graphics to complement your posts and highlight special offers.

Post consistently

Aim for 5 posts a week to stay fresh in potential guests’ minds.

2. Facebook Pages

Optimize your page title

Include keywords like “vacation rental” and your location to make it easier for guests searching on Facebook to find you.

Content is key

Repurpose your captivating Instagram content here. Add longer descriptions, answer FAQs, and showcase your local knowledge.

Run targeted ads

Consider using Facebook Ads Manager to reach a specific audience interested in UK getaways.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Leverage the reach

List your property directly on Facebook Marketplace. High-quality photos and a detailed description are essential.

Direct bookings, happy hosts

In the description, mention you accept direct bookings and offer a discount compared to Airbnb fees.

4. YouTube

Showcase your space with a video

Take viewers on a virtual tour, highlighting the property’s layout, amenities, and unique features.

Answer guest questions

Create Q&A videos addressing common concerns, like parking details or Wi-Fi access.

End with a call to action

Conclude your videos with a clear call to action, such as a discount code for booking directly through your website or email.

Consistency is key. By regularly posting engaging content across these platforms, you build trust, establish your brand, and ultimately, attract more bookings for your UK Airbnb.

In today’s digital world, social media is an undeniable asset for UK Airbnb hosts. By leveraging these platforms strategically, you can connect with potential guests on a deeper level, showcase the charm of your rental and the surrounding area, and build trust that translates into bookings. So, take captivating photos, craft informative content, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats. With a little creativity and consistent effort, you can transform your social media presence into a powerful tool for boosting your UK Airbnb business.

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